Protect against moisture and sunlight.

I know a place that is very pleasant.

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There was a big reception after the wedding.


The committee proposed almost forty changes.

Ask her to explain it.

We're honeymooning.

I might well tell you this.

Ramanan was hospitalized with symptoms of dehydration.


This city will suffer from an acute water shortage unless it rains soon.

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Are you sure Honzo can hear us?

I'm just totally squeezed out with your unceasing demands. You just ask too much of me.

Frank waited for Felix to sit and then sat down next to her.


We'll have to wait for Clare's response.

How did I get into this?

It's almost too late.

Listening to him, she got tired.

Stephen is a mystery.

She looked at him with a smile on her face.

I'm no slouch on the dance floor.


You are uniquely talented; it's a shame you haven't learned more.

The capacity to produce novel utterances is an attribute of every natural language.

He drank a cup of tea and then asked for another.

You got the job.

Australia is a very fortunate country.

I haven't spoken to him.

Ann doesn't have a sister.


Almost no one believed her.


She has immediately an emotional outburst when arguing.


She's like a dove of peace.

The delegates voted on the issue.

Tovah shares a room with his brother.

My spirits are up.

I expect to sing better next time.

I'm not trying to impress Knute.

Did you really bake the pie by yourself?


I'll do whatever I can.


I'm also a teacher.


I asked twenty people to my party but not all of them came.

I like it when you do that.

I can't give you an answer right away.

I was bothered by the baby's crying.

You'll come back to see us, won't you?

Why doesn't anybody help you?

Oh, just my luck!

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Parents need to encourage their children to read.


My sister used to take care of the flower bed.

Your words have freed me from every doubt.

Judy has been in his office all afternoon.

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With all the kerfuffle since this morning I'd almost forgotten but we've still got the problem of the club members haven't we?

You can't leave me here alone.

Are you done washing your hands?


Fasten the rope to the tree.

Food, clothing and shelter are the foundations of survival.

She has faith in me.

Did you accomplish the task?

Let's check with her.


Charity begins at home.


Appearances can be deceptive.


It's likely Metin will know what to do.

Stop all the fuss!

He was conspicuous by his absence.


I am acquainted with the custom.


If I had wings to fly, I would have gone to save her.


What was the nature of the relationship between Marilyn and Hein?

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Many Japanese irises were flowering prettily on the lake's edge.


He did it simply out of curiosity.

Louiqa, are you a dog person or a cat person?

All I can do is wait.

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Shean resolved to stop calling himself an idiot.


His behavior is contrary to his belief.


I take it for granted that students come to school to study.

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We're sure to win.

Do you understand what I am saying to you?

He whispered sweet nothings into her ear.

Herve doesn't like coffee with sugar.

I couldn't find my keys.

I wish Lance was still here.

No... I mean, yes.


Sylvan wanted information.

I lit the match.

Forget about her.

Wendell Jackson is the producer.

What is your biggest fear?


It's an Indian dish.

The children gathered around where Hubert was seated and watched him play his guitar.

Linda wrote Perry a soppy love letter and she kept reading it over and over.

Dogs are permitted.

If he had been a bird, he could have flown to you.

I'm not very good at keeping secrets.

Nature is my element.

I never once doubted your abilities.

You are my prisoner.


I take my hat off to him for his hard work.

Skylab was designed to allow astronauts to live and work in space for several weeks. It was to be a laboratory for astronauts and a base for spacecraft.

We should respect our ancestors.

He will come to the station by bus.

Gypsy was left out.


I don't really know anything.

Thirty-thousand people were killed.

I want this.

I'm going to tell Al what I really think of him.

Plastic practices the piano three hours a day.


Janet can understand us.

Claudio went to work at fifteen.

He is going to study English next week.

Suddenly, her face was pale.

Do you often talk to yourself?

It is essential that you should finish the work by this evening.

The police are investigating the accident.


Let's talk about the Jacksons.

He gets along badly with his boss.

Your contribution to the school is tax-deductible.

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Raif died with over ten million dollars in the bank.

Edwin can speak just a little French.

I know the person who stole my car was Rupert.

Take it home if you want.

You don't have to worry about publicity.

How could they be wrong?

The witch hunt has begun.


I was there only for a few hours.


Moore takes everything too seriously.


That sounds exhausting.


Every non-trivial program has at least one bug.

I'm not afraid to fight.

The people who were here have all gone.


This table isn't steady.

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Faith divides us in belief and unites us in slaughter.

Their relationship was strictly sexual.

Once I arrived home from school, I heard some sounds coming from my closet, and thinking that it was just our pet cat Chiro, I opened the door wide open, and instead found some guy I didn't know inside.

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We see each other next week.

I believe that I need a good night's sleep.

Few students use pencils these days.


Although the life of Chinese people is getting better and better now, there is still room for improvement.

It was a scary place.

That's my aim.

He is too tired to go any farther.

Tareq is being careful with her baby.


She waved her hand to me, smiling brightly.

I don't want to rehash all that stuff from the past.

What if he fails?

She is constantly writing letters.

I'm the only one with a key to this room.

Malloy sprang out of bed, threw on some clothes, ate breakfast and was out of the door within ten minutes.

I am a crazy communist!

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Life is an illusion.

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Marcos is allergic to bees, hornets and wasps.


It was pretty huge.

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Me? I'm a plain old salaryman.

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It is very impolite of him to decline my invitation.


She's good with animals.