In the first place, fashions change very quickly.

Did you lock the door?

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She lacks common sense.

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What is biokinesis?


Delavigne perfumes have acquired quite a following.


Tell me where I can find him.

I don't think I'll ever understand.

She hated bats.

Kelvin was watching the news when Brenda entered the room.

I see no other choice.

He came back from Canada.

I caught up with him soon.

Wow, that's great.

The boy doesn't like carrots.

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I need a more detailed map.

Have all her friends left her?

This gas gives off a bad smell.

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Stacy read the note from Charlene and then handed it to John.

Despite numerous requests by their mother, the children would not tidy up their toys.

Come here. I want to show you something.

I think I'll go talk to them.

I must renew my passport.


Is this really happening?


You will find the bank at the end of that road.


I don't mind sleeping on the floor.

Let them know what's happening.

That's already been discussed.


Can I leave Francisco a message?


There is a sewing machine and an ironing board in the room where Wendell used to sleep.


I found the boy sound asleep.

She uses cheap makeup.

I'm grateful for what Jan did.


Let's pretend this never happened.


If it hadn't been for his help, she might have drowned.


He made fun of our ignorance.

If you ever have any problem with Murthy, I'll help you out.

Turkeer is still in the hospital, isn't he?

Children need love and attention.

Warren felt very bad about what had happened.

The peacock (Inachis io) is a beautiful and easily recognizable butterfly.

He's mad at everyone.

Is there any zakuska?

There is no such as a saint, do not try to seem like one.

I don't want Helen to make the same mistake I made.

Stephanie is the best player on the team.


How about taking a walk before breakfast?

You're still awake? Isn't it already three over there?

Everyone can feed the database to illustrate new vocabulary.

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They say that he hates to study.

He gave no explanation why he had been absent.

I hit him in the belly.


He gave a rap on the door.

I knew it would be hard.

His ignorance hindered us in our progress.


Can you make it safe?


You're impossible.


I've told you all I can.

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It is easy to be brave from a safe distance.

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It is not of the essence of mathematics to be conversant with the ideas of number and quantity.


That woman's son is sick.


Go free, my beloved sentence.

Please refrain from excessive drinking.

He leapt back in alarm.

Sekar has a pain in the shoulder.

Here's the plan.

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Don't waste the opportunity.

You're the first person to mention that.

I love writing on yellow or other colored paper.


He's a Jewish American.

Konrad said he would do it himself.

We have about nine students.


I have visited cities like Boston, Chicago, etc.


Susumu did his part.


Could you drop me off?

Are there any good programs on TV today?

Many people denounced President Wilson.

That's a blue house.

Mr. Anton spoke to them coldly.

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Ragnar invited me to a party.


I think she's interested in me.

When was the last time you felt love?

When John was fourteen he was apprenticed to the trade of carpenter.


Do you like my new shirt?

Think and Butler both looked worried.

I'm really beginning to enjoy this.

Does she like orange?

Aaron is clearly in trouble.

Asterisks are used in online roleplay to indicate an action or event.

Join now and pay nothing for a whole year.

He went to China as a soldier, never to come back.

It is ten o'clock by my watch.

The museum is open to the public.

Try to drive there on your own.

Call Lars.

It wasn't safe anywhere.


If you don't want to give a speech, you don't have to.

Did you know that some foxes lived on this mountain?

Spudboy has a difficult relationship with her eldest daughter, who is now 17.

I've never had problems like this before.

Miltos doesn't have enough time for a cup of coffee.

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I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Please pretend we never said this.

'Take your only begotten son Isaac, whom you love, quickly go to the land of vision, and sacrifice him there upon a mountain.'

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The idea was brought into shape.


There are people who don't like Hans.


I still don't know what happened to Kristian.


I'm confident in that.

Nothing came from southwest.

"Have you done your homework?" "I don't have any homework."


Let's go in the other room.


Bob will certainly attend the meeting.

Who developed it?

They live in a beautiful area.

What is this fish called in English?

I can't fire him.

He prayed that his children would forgive him.

Did Hillary mention any problems?

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I'm responsible for them.


He maintained a steady speed on the highway.

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Are you speaking English?

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I forgot that the daylight saving time ended last week.

Delhi's much hotter than London.

He fell down from the roof, and what made the matter worse, broke his leg.

Surely, in the present-day society, we might as well consider it natural that consumption plays an important role in the life of man and is closely related to his well-being and happiness.

Are you sure Erwin can't hear us?

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Tomorrow night, they will all go to Beijing University to attend class.


This old building isn't worth fixing up. It would be better to tear it down.

Don't worry about others.

This is a pen.

The pension is not sufficient for living expenses.

I've lived here for more than three years.


We'll make a restroom stop at the next gas station.

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I have pictures of Rich.


Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relieve pain and cure illnesses.

Susan didn't want to sit next to Anthony.

Be confident.

Stop gawking.

I told you I didn't want any coffee.

I've never met anyone who makes me as happy as you make me.

I think Stephe really does love you.


It is time you got married.

She made up her mind to stay with us for a while.

This tree is more than a hundred years old.

Some farmers are using donkeys to protect their sheep from wild dogs.

He was standing at the door.


Angus hasn't got used to the reality yet.


They accused me of taking the money.